Samsung ships 10 million Galaxy S4s in 26 days. SGS4 should become world’s best selling smartphone in Q3

Just as promised earlier, Samsung announced that it shipped 10 million Galaxy S4s in less than a month. In 26 days, to be exact.

We already knew that sales of SGS4 were off to a great start. They sold 4 million devices during the opening weekend, then another 2 million in ten more days, and now added another 4 million in a couple of weeks. According to Samsung, one Galaxy S4 is sold every 4 seconds.

Impressive achievement, and really impressive growth for Samsung flagship line. It took Sammy 215 days to ship 10 million of first generation Galaxy S, Galaxy S II reached 10 million mark in 155 days, Galaxy S III did it in 50 days. And now its 26.

Galaxy S4

The question is where do we go from here, and how many Galaxy S4s Samsung will sell over the year, before its next flagship comes along. And it’s already clear that it’ll be a lot.

After initial pre-order boost, Galaxy S4 sales are now averaging 1.5 to 2 million a week, and I do not see any competitor that could cut into SGS4 sales, at least before fall. Smartphones like HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and LG Optimus G do have their niches, but their marketing and distribution is simply to weak to affect Samsung’s juggernaut. The first real challenge Galaxy S4 will face will come this fall, when Apple will release a new iPhone.

In the meantime, Samsung will expand their flagship offerings with the likes of waterproof Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 mini, further broadening its mass appeal. So we are looking for at least 12 weeks of uncontested SGS4 weekly sales in the range of 2 million. And will probably see announcement of 20 million Galaxy S4s sold in late June – early July. Then it will get to 30 million by mid August and will be approaching 40 million before the new iPhone ships. After that, with the new iPhone, all new flagships from other competitors and Samsung itself  refocusing  on  Galaxy Note III,  situation becomes a bit more muddled. But, come next spring – we’ll probably be looking at a total of between 80 to 100 million SGS 4s shipped.

As for now, it is too late for Galaxy S4 to take the crown of a single best selling smartphone in the world from iPhone in Q2. But come Q3, and if Apple keeps to its iPhone release schedule, Samsung’s flagship will become the world’s bestselling smartphone, just like it did it last year.

Source: Samsung Village

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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