HTC Desire 600 pre-orders start in Russia

HTC took the wraps off of the Desire 600 last week, and the midranger has already gone up for pre-order in Russia. This looks like it’s going to be one of the launch markets for the dual-SIM Desire 600.

So if you’re over there, you can pre-order one of these devices for 15,990 or 16,990 rubles, depending on which outlet you choose. Those sums amount to approximately $509 or €394, and $541 or €418 respectively, going by the current exchange rates. Don’t panic, though – smartphones sold in Russia are usually more expensive than, for example, in the EU, for reasons that are really unclear. So if the Desire 600 will ever make the jump to other markets in Europe, it will probably be at least a bit cheaper.

HTC Desire 600 pre-orders Russia

As it should be. Truth be told, at around €400 this is anything but a good buy. Obviously we’ll have to wait for it to be on sale someplace other than Russia to be sure, but let’s hope that HTC won’t be greedy and price the Desire 600 too high for it to sell in any good numbers. The Taiwanese company really needs a good midranger to complement the One in its portfolio, and it needs one that will sell.

There’s no release date attached to the pre-orders just yet, but HTC said it would be in early June that the Desire 600 would be out. And that’s really not far away, so let’s be patient and wait for this phone to make its way into stores.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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