Apple is working on 12.9” iPad Maxi for early 2014 release

The first half of this year was really slow, as far as the new Apple post PC devices were concerned. Heck, I do not remember when, almost six months into the year, Apple didn’t announce a single new post PC product.

Where the heck is the new iPad, the new iPad mini, the new iOS 7 overview? No wonder fans and investors are starting to lose patience with Tim Cook’s team.

But don’t worry, things are cooking (sorry for the pun) inside Apple, and a bunch of new products is on the way. A new generation iPad and iPad Mini are a given, probably this fall. As are  the next generation iPhone and iOS7. Then there’s the iWatch and that rumored cheaper iPhone too.

And now Korean ETNews adds another new Apple product into the mix. 12.9” iPad Maxi, which Tim Cook plans to announce early next year. According to industry sources, Apple is already talking to Korean display and other component manufacturers about the part supplies.

iPad mini

Apple will actively target 13” ultrabooks and notebooks with the iPad Maxi, providing the device with better portability and battery life, and comparable screen real estate for productivity applications. Another target for the 12.9” tablet – is educational market and digital textbooks. The bigger screen is more suited to replace the traditional textbooks, and Apple with partners is also developing a new display technology with less glare, to be used in classrooms.

The new User Interface feature to be used with digital textbooks, might be also in the works.


Author: Stasys Bielinis

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    This can’t be its real name, can it? The Maxi iPad? Come on…