HTC One Google Edition will probably be hard to find

After Samsung introduced the Galaxy S4 Google Edition (which ditches TouchWiz, offering a stock Android 4.2 experience), HTC wants to do the same with its One flagship smartphone.

There have been enough rumors lately about an HTC One Google Edition, and now Pocket-lint comes to further sustain them, adding that the handset’s availability will be limited by the low number of units produced. According to “sources familiar with the matter”, only around 1% of total One sales will be represented by Google Edition models.

As things stand now, with HTC believed to have sold 5 million One smartphones around the world, we’re looking at about 50,000 Google Edition units. Sure enough, this is mere speculation.

HTC-One- Google Edition not this

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Google Edition will be available only in the US, starting June 26, for $649 (16GB version). HTC would be wise to launch its One Google Edition globally. Unfortunately, there is no word on when it’s going to announce it. In any case, for all those who like what HTC has managed to do with the One, but aren’t crazy about Sense UI, the handset’s Google Edition is definitely something to look forward to.

Like the HTC One Developer Edition, released in April, the stock Android Google Edition model might have 64GB of internal memory. We’ll let you know when we find out more about this.

Author: Florin

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