iPhone 5S display may double pixel count to 1.5 million, come with iPad mini like narrow bezel

Chinese sites are ablaze with a new set of iPhone 5S rumors today.

They seem to have originated with Wei Feng Network,  and say that the new iPhone will come with a much narrower bezel, adopting the iPad mini like design. The display size will remain the same 4 inches, but Apple plans to double the number of pixels the screen will contain. From ~730K now to ~1.5 million in the new iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5 600px

According to previous rumors, iPhone 5S is about to enter the mass production in June, for September release. So, as we’ve learned last year, the increasing flood of rumors about the new iPhone is not an unusual thing, right about this time. Due to high volumes and the necessity to build enough inventories for launch, Apple has to start mass producing their new devices early, and is unable to keep secrets like it did before. Almost all of the details of iPhone 5 leaked long before the device was announced in in 2012.

Sorting through the ocean of rumors, and picking what is true or not – is another matter. But since Apple has already opted for narrow bezels in iPad Mini, and solved the accidental touch problems in the process, makes a narrow bezel on iPhone 5S a very believable thing. And it has already been several years since we saw improvements on retina display, while many competitors already surpassed iPhone screen quality. So  it might be the right time for Apple to come with some dramatic improvements in display tech. Retina 2 on iPhone 5S this fall, could be just such a thing.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • http://www.facebook.com/luu.h.binh Luu Huy Thai Binh

    so pixel density up to unbelievable 6xx ppi, i don’t really think it’s true

  • GeneralmotorsGravytrain

    I don’t understand why there would be a need for such high pixel density. Doesn’t it far exceed what is needed by the human eye? Are they doing this merely to win some spec wars or is there really a need for this I just don’t understand. Higher pixel density just requires a more powerful processor to push all those pixels and I would think users really prefer longer battery life than higher resolution displays. I sure hope this is merely a rumor. It would be far more useful to double battery life than pixel density.

  • def4

    To all the mathematically challenged: doubling pixel count is not the same as doubling resolution and ppi.
    In this case, it would translate to a resolution of 1600×900.

    I find it more likely for Apple to release a phablet with that resolution and the same ppi as current iPhones than for them to break app compatibility just to join in the silly ppi spec race.

  • PeekyChew

    You got featured on an article on 9to5mac for stupid rumours articles! Good job you idiot.

  • daysofdre

    thank you, i’m getting really annoyed at no continuity when it comes to explaining pixel counts on products. standardize either pure resolution, ppi, or total pixel count but stop bouncing between the three of them its goddamn annoying