Nokia Eos with 41 MP camera sensor and Windows Phone purportedly has its casing leaked

As July gets near, we’re bound to hear (and see) more and more about the Nokia Eos. This, in case you somehow forgot, is supposedly going to be the first Windows Phone device to use Nokia’s PureView 41 MP camera sensor, first seen in the Symbian-running 808 PureView from last year. Ever since the 808 got unveiled, people have been craving to have the same camera tech inside a Lumia, and now that dream may be close to coming true. At least if the many rumors so far have been correct.

Today what we get are some photos that purportedly depict a casing for the Eos. It’s made from polycarbonate (Nokia’s favorite material for Windows Phones), and it’s yellow (a color that Nokia has used before). Oh, and it’s got a huge camera bump, hump, or whatever else you want to call it. That makes sense, since a 41 MP sensor can’t be shrunk too much.

WPDang_EOS-4 WPDang_EOS-12 WPDang_EOS-3

Now these arrived at WPDang from an anonymous source, which obviously means you should take them with a hefty dose of salt. That said, what you can see above does seem to align pretty neatly with the rumors we’ve been hearing about the Eos for a few months now.

The smartphone could get unveiled on July 9, in which case we expect to see many more leaks about it in the coming weeks.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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