Sony Xperia M already priced in Europe

Sony announced the Xperia M yesterday, adding to its alphabet soup of device names. At the same time the company has only added to the confusion of prospective customers, as there are so many different letters now, and there doesn’t seem to be any logic to how Sony chooses them. Sure, the Z is now the high-end offering, but the ZR is lower-end. Oh, and the M is smaller and lesser (so to speak) than the L. Do you get any of this? Exactly.

The Xperia M and its dual-SIM sibling should be out in Q3, which is between July and September. Pricing wasn’t unveiled in the official PR materials, however we now know how much the Xperia M should cost in Europe.


According to Telecompaper, you can expect the Xperia M to go for €239 in the Netherlands. This fits with what we were expecting (a €200-250 price point), and it’s likely to also be valid in the other countries that have the Euro as their currency. Everywhere else things may be a bit different, but this helps give us at least a clue about how much one will need to shell out for the Xperia M once it’s out.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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