Nokia Eos live images leaked, showing the 41 MP Windows Phone from all angles

Once again, it’s been proven that when the leaks start, there’s no stopping them. Mere hours ago we brought you images supposedly depicting the casing for the upcoming Nokia handset known so far by its codename Eos, and now a bunch of live images have leaked. These show the smartphone from all angles, despite being rather blurry. An additional image (the last one below) surfaced from another source, and it shows the back of the Eos, complete with the camera module, in much better lighting (and almost blur-free). It’s interesting to note that in that photo one can see the automatic shutter cover clearly, as it’s closed – thus protecting the lens from dirt and scratches. Previous rumors had it that the cover would automagically disappear once you start the camera app on the phone.

Since all of these leaks show essentially the same design, the same device, we’re assuming it pretty much has to be real. The Eos has been rumored for months to be the first handset to bring the insane 41 MP camera sensor from the Symbian-based Nokia 808 PureView announced last year to the Windows Phone world. And now it looks like it’s about to get officially unveiled.

Nokia Eos s1-1 Nokia Eos s1-2 Nokia Eos s1-3 Nokia Eos s1-4 Nokia Eos s2

The latest rumor on the matter said that July 9 would be the big date. A Xenon flash is a given for the Eos, and it can in fact be seen in the images above. The sensor’s resolution isn’t visible in most images, whereas in the last one it appears just as “XX megapixel”. That means what you’re looking at is a prototype, and Nokia’s yet to carve the actual number of megapixels into the camera assembly. Of course, this could mean that this isn’t going to be a 41 MP camera sensor, but its size seems to suggest that it will.

At this rate, we expect to see even better photos of the Eos by tomorrow, or in a few days. And we’ll obviously get those to you as soon as we can.

Via GSM Arena and @vizileaks

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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