Apple’s newest numbers: 900K apps (375K for iPad), 50 billion downloads, 600 million iOS device sales

As well as announcing iOS 7, the next iteration of its mobile operating system, Apple today also shared a bunch of big numbers. The company is definitely proud of these, as they serve to show how successful its products and services are.

Let’s dive in. The iTunes App Store now has over 900,000 apps listed. 375,000 of those are made for iPads. 93% of the apps in the App Store are downloaded at least once each month. In total, there have been more than 50 billion app downloads from the App Store already.


These numbers all compare favorably to those from last year’s WorldWide Developers’ Conference (WWDC). Last June, Apple claimed 650,000 apps, with 225,000 of those built for iPad. There had been 30 billion downloads up until that point, so we’ve seen 20 billion more in around one year. In 2011, the numbers were even lower, obviously, with 425,000 apps total, and just 90,000 iPad-ready.

Right now, Apple says it has 575 million credit cards in its databases – so that many people can buy apps from the App Store.

To date, the company has sold more than 600 million iOS devices, which is great, except it’s kind of low in comparison with Google’s 900 million Android activations reported last month.

To counter that, Apple insisted on ‘user satisfaction’ surveys (in which it comes out on top), and emphasized that 93% of iOS devices run one of the latest versions of the operating system (the 6.x trunk).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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