Apple considering 4.7″, 5.7″ iPhones for next year. iPhone 5S and cheaper, plastic model set for 2013

Apple is developing not one but two larger iPhones for next year, according to “four people with knowledge of the matter”. Apparently Apple has approached suppliers with plans for a 4.7″ device and a 5.7″ one. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re guaranteed to see a larger iPhone and a phablet next year. See, Apple is known to constantly change the specs for their new devices “almost to the final moment”, so no one can be sure which is the actual final prototype for any given handset, another person in the know is quoted by Reuters as saying.

Still, it does look like the Cupertino company is at least open to the idea of developing bigger phones. This undoubtedly has something to do with Samsung’s recent success pushing handsets that are bigger than any iPhone ever was.


Once again, we’ve also heard that there will be both an iPhone 5S as well as a cheaper, plastic-made handset that will come this year. The iPhone 5S will be an improvement upon the iPhone 5, as you’d expect, with an added fingerprint sensor it seems.

The cheaper iPhone will be offered in many different color variations, which actually is the reason why it will only go into test production next month (some issues regarding the mixing of colors have delayed that from the initial target of this month). Mass production for both the iPhone 5S and the unnamed cheaper model is to start in August, apparently for a September announcement and subsequent launch. Some people have said that the cheap iPhone could slip into early 2014, so do keep that in mind. Others, however, have already forecasted 20 million ‘cheap iPhone’ sales in Q4 of this year.

The cheaper iPhone will be offered in the US for $99.99 (obviously on contract). The current iPhone model goes for $199.99. Apple is now offering the iPhone 4S for $99.99, and the iPhone 4 for free on contract. The introduction of the new model could mean one of two things: either the iPhone 5 will be offered for free on contract, or Apple will stop selling the iPhone 5 and will offer the iPhone 4S for free alongside the $99 ‘cheap iPhone’ and the $199.99 iPhone 5S.

Sharp, Japan Display, and LG will supply the screens for the iPhone 5S and the plastic iPhone. Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry) will assemble the iPhone 5S, and Pegatron will do the same for the cheaper model.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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