Is this the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 (or Galaxy Camera NX)?

Mere hours ago news first broke that Samsung is going to unveil a mirrorless successor to the Galaxy Camera from last year, essentially a pretty high-end camera that runs Android. And now we have what is said to be the first ever image depicting this upcoming device (see below).

It’s still unclear whether it will be called Galaxy Camera 2 or Galaxy Camera NX. NX is the branding that Samsung has used so far for its mirrorless cameras, so in a way this makes more sense – adding that to the Galaxy brand that signifies a product is powered by Android. On the other hand, ‘Camera’ is more descriptive of what the hardware actually is, so that may be what’s chosen in the end. There’s no way to know right now.

Samsung Galaxy Camera NX

TechTastic, the source for the image above, seems to vote for the ‘Galaxy NX’ option, and says its model number will be EK-GN120. Despite the image, we don’t yet know much about this camera. Its sensor could have 20 MP resolution, and the lens is interchangeable. And… that’s it. For now. More details are sure to get leaked soon. And if they don’t, we’ll find out everything there is to know next Wednesday, when Samsung has already confirmed that it will announce this device.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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