Huawei to ship 10 million P6, says its design a year ahead of Apple, Samsung. Price only EUR 327 in China

Huawei has some big plans for its new Ascend P6 flagship. How big?

To the tune of 10 million units of P6 sold this year, according to Huawei Device CEO Yu Chengdong. Which doesn’t sound like a lot if you compare to iPhone or Galaxy S sales, but is a pretty ambitious goal for a high end flagship for a brand like Huawei. And knowing that P6 won’t probably be available in the U.S., so all those sales will have to come from Asia and Europe.

To get to 10 million units, Huawei has allocated 90 million Yuan ($11 million) for P6 marketing in China, with another $30 million pegged for promotion in Europe. Again, not a huge amount compared to what some rivals are ready to spend, but a substantial sum for one flagship device for Huawei.

According to some Chinese sites, a dedicated team of 1000 R&D engineers with direct executive oversight worked on Ascend P6. And Huawei’s CEO sounds very proud with the result, claiming that with P6 they have leapfrogged both Apple and Samsung, and that their smartphone design program is now a year ahead of competition.

Huawei Ascend P6 2688 Yuan 327 Euro

While Huawei is positioning Ascend P6 as the high end smartphone in Europe and plans to charge for it accordingly, Chinese consumers will get the new flagship for 30% less. Its price will be 2688 Yuan (327 Euro) in China, while RRP in Western Europe is 449 Euro.

An interesting strategy, to say the least. With probable goal to reposition Huawei as a high-end device maker in developed markets. But we’ll have to wait and see how it works.

With solid specs, very slim body, good looking design and a solid marketing budget, I’d say Huawei Ascend P6 has a chance to make a dent among high end Android smartphones this year. But it’s the likes of Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One they are going against, so that dent might be very slim indeed.

Via: MyDrivers,, CNMO

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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    The devices of Huwai are well looked and credible. P6 expectation are also well with its low cost specially in China market.