Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon now available for $89.99 with contract

Remember Liquipel? That’s the company that we first told you about last year, and which deals with making existing smartphones spill-proof. This isn’t technically water-proofing, since you can’t go swimming with your Liquipelled phone in your pocket. But the company does claim that ‘accidental spills’ are OK. That’s definitely more than the ‘vanilla’ Samsung Galaxy S III can withstand.

Why do we mention the Galaxy S III? Because you can now buy one pre-treated with Liquipel. Well, the truth is you could have bought one for quite a while straight from Liquipel (they have versions for AT&T and Verizon), but you have to pay ‘full price’ over there – which at the moment is $749 to $799.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Wirefly Liquipel

If you’re more into contracts and the device subsidies they entail, we have good news though. Wirefly is now offering you the Galaxy S III for Verizon pre-treated with Liquipel for just $89.99. That’s obviously if you sign a new two-year contract with the carrier. And this price is just for new customers. If you’re already with Verizon and want to upgrade your existing hardware to such a Galaxy S III, you’ll need to pay $10 more. Even at that price point, this is one affordable handset that last year was the king of the hill. And unlike last year, you can have it with water protection too.

If you’re interested, Wirefly is waiting for your order. If you want to learn more about Liquipel, be sure to read through the company’s FAQ page.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • JeRry

    I know Liquipel sells unlocked pretreated phones on their website, but now we can buy pretreated phones at subsidized prices with contact?! Shut up and take my money!