Apple’s new iPhone 5S photographed?

While Apple will probably not announce its new iPhone 5S before September, it seems that we can already take a peek at what the upcoming smartphone looks like.

Mac Rumors has published two photos that allegedly show the iPhone 5S – unfortunately only its back and its interior. The photos encourage us to think the new iPhone won’t look too different from the iPhone 5, having about the same size.

Apple new iPhone 5S dual LED

Apple new iPhone 5S inside

The rear camera on the iPhone 5S – which could be a 12MP or 13MP unit – is paired with what looks to be a dual LED flash. The current iPhone 5 has a single LED flash, as you probably already know.

The battery inside the new iPhone is a 5.92Whr one – slightly larger than the 5.45Whr one the iPhone 5 carriers.

There’s a date code visible on the main chip of the alleged iPhone 5S, suggesting the chip was manufactured in late October 2012. This could mean we have an early iPhone 5S prototype here. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the final version won’t resemble it.

Alongside the iPhone 5S, Apple will probably launch a cheaper new iPhone around September. This should have a plastic case, possibly costing $99.99 on contract (in the US). Both the iPhone 5S and the cheap iPhone might have several color versions besides white and black.

Author: Florin

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