More pics of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leak in China

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is probably the second most anticipated smartphone of the second half of 2013. It’s probably up there, right after the new iPhone. So it is no wonder that bits and pieces of info about the next generation Samsung phablet has been trickling out for months now.

Today a couple of new pics of what could be Samsung Galaxy Note 3 showed up in China:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Weibo leaks

As you can see, this phablet has a very narrow bezel. The owner of the Weibo account that published one of the pictures, says that the screen takes up 84% of the front surface of the device.

Both pictures, coming from 2 different sources show a pretty similar looking devices, so this might be the real Galaxy Note 3. Though the missing front camera in the corner shot raises some doubts.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see for more pics of Galaxy Note 3 to turn up, to know for sure. And with the prototype devices already in the hands of users who are happy to brag about it, and show off what they’ve got, that shouldn’t take long.

Samsung, most likely, will announce Galaxy Note 3 in early September, just before IFA trade show. Though, with Galaxy S4 sales slowing down, there are some unconfirmed rumblings that they may opt to launch the new phablet earlier than expected.

Via: Weibo 1, Weibo 2

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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