6.44″ Sony Xperia ZU (or Z Ultra) gets photographed yet again, pencil-on-touchscreen action depicted

Sony’s first phablet will be called Xperia ZU, or Xperia Z Ultra (the jury’s still out). And apparently, it could get official as early as tomorrow, during an event at which the Xperia C will be announced.

The Xperia ZU has seen a fair number of leaks over the past few weeks, but what we have today is another actual picture showing the handset in operation (the first one having surfaced a couple of weeks ago).

Sony  Xperia ZU pencil

The rumor about the fact that you’ll be able to operate the ZU’s touchscreen with a pencil (or even a ballpoint pen) seems to have been legit after all, as this image too chooses to emphasize this. As it should, and as Sony undoubtedly will during the unveiling. It’s sure to be proud about this yet-unseen feature on a phone or phablet.

The Xperia ZU will emulate the much smaller Xperia Z’s looks up to a point. The ZU will also come with glass on both the front and the back, and it too will be waterproof. The frame of the phablet will be made from a magnesium alloy though. The Xperia ZU should initially come in two colors, white and black, with purple being a possibility for the future.

Via ePrice

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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