Samsung to start Galaxy Note 3 mass production in August

More news about Galaxy S4 demand issues continues to trickle out. This time it’s about the pain lower than expected SGS4 demand is causing  across Korean smartphone component supply chain.

The reduction of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 component orders from 10 milion in April and 12 million in May, to 8 million in June and 6.5 million in July, has seriously hurt Sammy’s suppliers, such as camera module, PCB makers and others, which now sit on piles of inventories.

However, Samsung supplier pain should be relieved shortly, because, according to one Samsung Mobile Phone division insider, quoted by ET News:

“… Since we will start placing orders for follow-up models, such as Galaxy Note III, from August, the impact to suppliers will be minimal.”

Which is good news for both, suppliers and the rest of us.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

It Samsung starts placing Galaxy Note 3 orders from early August, it means that they will start mass production of the next generation phablet soon after that. Which will allow them to ship the Note 3 sometime in early to mid September.

By the time Samsung starts ordering  Note 3 components, they will have the final design locked up, and will also have quite a few production models ready to show to the press. Which means that Sammy can hold Galaxy Note 3 announcement sometime in early or mid August too.

I have no idea whether they will do that or wait till late August early September, but just for the sake of screwing up LG’s G2 flagship publicity plans, Samsung may actually go for it.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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