Nokia Lumia 1020 said to be official name of 41 MP Eos coming on July 11

On July 11, Nokia is widely expected to finally take the wraps off of its first Windows Phone to sport a huge 41 MP camera sensor, akin to the one seen on the 808 PureView from yesteryear.

Throughout weeks upon weeks of leaks upon leaks about this device, we’ve been referring to it as the Eos, because apparently that’s what its internal codename has been. However, it will obviously be sold under different branding. But what exactly that will be has stayed a mystery up until today.

If you believe famed leakster @evleaks (and you probably should, since he’s right a lot more often than he’s wrong), Nokia will go with Lumia 1020.

Nokia EOS 1020

That makes little sense. Sure, a jump to four-number names has been rumored for quite a while now – after all, how much time could Nokia’s highest-end models be part of the 900 series? But why not 1000? It’s a simple, round number, and instantly memorable.

1020 will pose some problems for how to say it, too. Ten-twenty or one thousand and twenty? Undoubtedly, the Finnish phone maker will tell us what it thinks is adequate next month, but we see a missed opportunity here. Or maybe 1000 is ‘reserved’ for another handset. We’ll have to wait and see.

Obviously, there’s still a small chance that this won’t turn out to be true (or maybe it was at one point and Nokia changed its mind in the meantime). Because of that, do take it with a pinch of salt, will you? And remember: in this case, the name will surely be a lot less important than the technology inside.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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