Updated Samsung Galaxy S4 may come this week, as SK launches LTE-A early. LG G2 may not wait till August too

As SK Telecom is getting ready for the commercial launch of its LTE-A network, Korean OEMs are preparing their smartphones to support the capability.

Samsung is getting ready with LTE-A version of Galaxy S4, upsetting some of its early customers. LG will soon launch its G2 flagship with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 CPU and LTE-A support, Pantech also has something in the works.

And some of this LTE-A goodness may come earlier than expected. As early as this week, actually.

Samsung Galaxy S4 something

Korean sites are abuzz today with the rumors that SK Telecom may light up the LTE-A network later this week. And they even quote a Samsung exec, who, talking about Galaxy S4 with Snapdragon 800 CPU and LTE-A support said that “this product is ready and will hit the market as soon as SK Telecom’s network goes live”.

If SK opens up its LTE-A services early, there are also some rumors that LG may opt for early launch of G2 flagship in Korea.

This will definitely screw up any surprise and building anticipation for August 7 New York event. But LG may not have a choice here. They would be ceding too much ground to Samsung if SK starts marketing advanced LTE services, and only has Galaxy S4 to show them off, for a month.

Counting days until 150Mbs mobile internet speeds become available, and speculating what phone to get to start using them… Those lucky Koreans.

Source: MK Korea, ET News

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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