Sony Xperia Z Ultra gets priced in the UK, still incredibly expensive

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra got official yesterday, and a few hours later we already had the first hints about what its pricing is going to be like in Europe. In a word, this phablet will be expensive. Very much so. The Xperia Z Ultra is quickly turning into the most expensive phablet ever made. Maybe its size justifies that. Maybe not, you be the judge.

Anyway, after we found out roughly how much it’s going to cost in continental Europe, today our attention turns to the UK. That’s where well known mobile device retailer Clove has started taking pre-orders for the Xperia Z Ultra. The price? £599.99.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra price UK

So yes, it’s a teeny tiny bit cheaper than what we heard so far from other parts of Europe, but it’s still expensive. Do note, however, that this isn’t yet officially confirmed pricing, so things may change ever so slightly (we doubt it, but the possibility exists).

If you were hoping for the Z Ultra to be out soon (after all, Sony’s mention of “Q3″ is as vague as possible), be prepared for a disappointment. The handset will only start shipping in the UK in September (nothing more detailed than that for now).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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