Verizon to launch new Motorola Droid Rarz Ultra and Razr M Ultra?

With Google’s Motorola X phone coming soon to all major carriers in the US, many are probably wondering about the fate of Verizon’s Droid-branded smartphones. Well, it appears that new models are on their way, and Motorola is making at least two of them.

According to EVleaks, the largest US mobile carrier is getting ready to launch two Motorola smartphones called Droid Rarz Ultra and Razr M Ultra. No other details are given for now, but we assume these will be successors to last year’s Droid Razr HD (currently available for $99.99 on contract) and Droid Razr M (free on contract).

Verizon Motorola Droid Razr Ultra Droid Razr M Ultra

In addition to those handsets, Droid-life has received tips about two other unannounced Droids: Droid Razr Ultra Maxx, and Droid Razr Ultra Mini. Like the current Droid Razr Maxx, the new one should come with a very large battery.

Verizon has recently hinted that new Droid handsets are incoming, by reactivating the DroidLanding Twitter account.

It remains to be seen if the Motorola X will be somehow related to this new line of Droid Ultra products.

In any case, before releasing the new Razr handsets, Verizon could start selling the HTC One. This has been already confirmed to come “this summer”, although specific launch details are yet to be unveiled.

Author: Florin

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