Android Key Lime Pie to be launched “this fall.” New Google Nexus Q, Android gaming console and smartwatch coming soon?

Google is reportedly very busy with wrapping up the development of its next major iteration of Android, as well as with readying several new Android-based products.

According to the WSJ, the new version of Android is known internally as “K release” – so it should be the long-rumored Key Lime Pie. It’s going to be launched “this fall”, being “better tailored to the lower-cost smartphones.” It is still unclear if Key Lime Pie is Android 4.3, or Android 5.0. But we’ll probably find out more on this pretty soon.

Quoting people familiar with the matter, the WSJ says that Google is “developing low-cost Android smartphones of its own.” We’re not sure what that means exactly, but it doesn’t look like Motorola (which will launch the Moto X soon) or Samsung (the world’s top Android vendor) are involved in this.

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Smartphones aside, it’s said that Google is making an Android videogame console, as well as an Android wristwatch (which will have smartphone-like features).

Earlier this week, Sony announced its new (own) Android-powered wristwatch, called Sony SmartWatch 2. This will be available starting September for $199.99.

The Mountain View company is seemingly also readying the launch of a new Nexus Q home entertaining device. The first Nexus Q was announced (with enthusiasm) in mid-2012, but it never got to be sold to consumers. It has been included in CNN’s Top 10 Tech Fails of 2012.

All these new Android products might be out before the end of the year.

Author: Florin

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