HTC One S won’t get updated to Android 4.2 after all

Earlier we let you know that HTC started rolling out the update to Android 4.2 for the One. That’s good news right there. But if you happen to own an HTC One S, there’s not going to be any good news for you from now on.

The Taiwanese company has just confirmed today that the One S will receive no further software updates. No Android 4.2, no Sense 5, and nothing else down the road. It’s essentially stuck running Android 4.1 for the rest of its life. This handset is less than 18 months old, which makes the decision all the more baffling. Samsung has already announced plans to bring Android 4.2 to the Galaxy S II, a device that’s more than two years old.


HTC may not have Samsung’s resources, and obviously every phone maker would rather sell you a new handset than issue a software update for an older one, but this is not the way to go. Not the way to try and win back some market share points. HTC could have been the Android device maker to focus on software, for example, more than its rivals – and that would have made it stand out. This way, it just continues an unfortunate tradition of lack of support for its midrange smartphones.

There’s no explicit reason given for this move, and that’s because there really isn’t one, from a technical standpoint. The One S is still mighty capable, and would have been able to run Android 4.2 without a hitch. This is just one mobile company being cheap, and preferring not to invest the man-hours into such a thing – wanting to push you to upgrade to a One. Whether or not you’ll decide to do that is up to you, naturally.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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