Moto X customization details emerge alongside leaked pictures of some colored back covers

The upcoming Motorola Moto X smartphone is in the news yet again, and for two separate reasons this time. First off, we’ve received some more detailed information about how you’ll be able to customize one when you order it. Second, we have pictures of four of the 16 purported colors that will be selectable for the handset’s back cover.

For all who’ve been expecting “customization” to include internal hardware specs, this will be disappointing. Apparently what Google was thinking when uttering that word were color options (and more than any competitor), optional engravings, and getting your X to you with your desired home screen wallpaper already applied. Underwhelming, perhaps – but it’s important to realize that this is actually more than any other phone maker lets you do.

Coques-couleur-Moto-X Moto-X-Coques-Couleur

There will be some ‘standard’ versions of the Moto X, and these will most likely be the ones sold by the carriers. If you want to go the customization route, you’ll need to order online straight from Motorola. Delivery time will only be a few days, since the company will assemble the X in Texas.

You’ll be able to pick two different colors – one for the back plate and another (or the same, whatever you wish) for the “trim” (read: sides). This implies that the front will be black every time.

By all accounts, the Moto X will be an upper-midrange offering, and not a high-end device. This sounds baffling to some, but if it will be dirt cheap then this will turn out to be a great move by Google. These customization options will surely appeal to some as well. Furthermore, the phone will come with neat tricks like flicking it to launch the camera, and other stuff that’s based on the various sensors it will have inside. Google’s voice recognition technology will be leveraged too. Also, the handset will realize when you’re driving and put itself on speakerphone.

Via NWE and ABC News


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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