NTT Docomo may say “pass” to Apple’s iPhone 5S, despite losing customers

Ever since it launched its very fist iPhone back in 2007, Apple has started to make partnerships with various mobile operators around the world. Today, its iOS smartphones are available via almost all major / relevant carriers across the globe. Still, NTT Docomo, despite being Japan’s largest operator (serving more than 60 million customers), isn’t among them. And it might not offer any iPhones this year, either, although a new model (iPhone 5S) is going to be introduced in the fall.

According to Reuters, Docomo’s CEO Kaoru Kato said that “the biggest problem [with selling iPhones] is the impact on the services that we offer.”

The Japanese carrier is currently selling a plethora of smartphones that are heavily customized with its own services – which don’t play well with Apple’s strictness regarding iPhones.

“We’re trying to develop a lifestyle system,” told Kaoru Kato to Reuters. But this “lifestyle system” and the lack of iPhones has made Docomo lose about 3 million customers in the last several years. Most – if not all – have turned to the country’s other two major carriers (KDDI and Softbank), which are both selling iPhones. Even so, there are no signs that Docomo wants to make a deal with Apple, at least not for now.

NTT Docomo no iPhone Samsung Galaxy S4 Sony Xperia A

Meanwhile, Docomo is busy offering Android smartphones to customers, with the Sony Xperia A (a version of the Xperia ZR) seemingly being its best-seller (830,000 units sold since mid-May). Samsung’s Galaxy S4 – shipped in more than 20 million units worldwide – isn’t that popular, with sales reportedly not reaching half of the Xperia A’s total.

Author: Florin

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  • Terry

    Sorry, but are you upset that a Japanese carrier isn’t offering the IPhone? Taking a pot shot at the Galaxy S4 sales when we don’t have an all year sales total seems a bit unprofessional, do you even have a source for the Xperia A total figures outside of Japan? Because if the Xperia A has managed to sell 25 million worldwide, we certainly haven’t heard about it. You are sounding like a slightly bitter Apple fan to me.

  • Florin

    “Upset”? How did that got in here? This is just a report on how things stand. The figures for Xperia A and Galaxy S4 sales in Japan come from Reuters.

  • Fred

    How did that ‘get’ in here? Plus give us concise Xperia A/GS4 sales figures from outside of Japan (try worldwide) for the Q4 earnings report then we’ll see which of the two is the bigger seller. Japan is becoming irrelevant as a market and industrial powerhouse anyway, being slowly overshadowed by its two emerging Asian neighbors in South Korea and China.