White Motorola Droid Ultra shown in leaked image. Moto X to sport Clear Pixel camera, pure Android?

A couple of days ago we showed you a purported press render of the upcoming Motorola Droid Maxx (model number XT1080M), in black.

Today we have a picture of what’s claimed to be a white Droid Ultra (model number XT1080). Unfortunately the image comes with no additional information whatsoever. Furthermore, it’s just randomly been posted on the XDA Developers forum, by someone with no other posts to date. So keep a heavy dose of salt on you for this one.

Motorola Droid Ultra claim

As you can see, it’s… white. And it also seems to have a kevlar-like black ‘chin’. That material has been used by Motorola in the Droid series before, so it’s certainly not out of place. If Moto goes by past conventions, the Ultra should be the new Droid for Verizon, whereas the Maxx will be identical to the Ultra but come with a much bigger battery. The minor difference in model numbers (just the letter M) seems to confirm this.

The thing is – we still don’t know anything else about these handsets, so we’re hoping some specs will get leaked soon.

In other Motorola-related news, we’ve received a couple of more details about the oft-rumored Moto X, the device that’s supposedly going to be the first one jointly developed with Google after it bought Motorola. Courtesy of Taylor Wimberly of Android and Me fame comes the detail that the X will run ‘pure Android’, and will come with a commitment to fast updates. Whatever that means.

But wait, there’s more! The Moto X will apparently feature a “Clear Pixel” camera with gesture controls. Without further information on this, the only thing we can do is speculate – that maybe it will have bigger pixels than normal, akin to what we’ve seen in the HTC One. Or maybe it will come with optical image stabilization, which seems to be all the rage right now among smartphone makers. Or both.

One thing is certain (at least according to the aforementioned source): dark, blurry pictures will be a thing of the past with this camera. That’s been promised by phone makers so many times already that we’re really having trouble believing such a claim right now. But let’s wait and see, maybe Motorola will be able to surprise.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • B!

    Ah, my faith in Motorola has been restored (though it really never left).

  • JPbuffalo

    Perhaps “Clear Pixel” is actually referring to the screen’s pixels… and that gesture recognition will actually come from the camera watching your fingers make gestures THROUGH the pixels that make up the screen.

    This kind of tech was talked about years ago, a company was using fiber optics to fill the small corner gaps between the pixels of a screen (any screen they said) and converged them to an image sensor (or separated the image sensor into individual pixels hidden in those gaps and combined in software) creating a camera out of the entire screen.. a completely hidden and invisible camera.

    Perhaps they are using something similar on this Moto X?