41 MP Nokia EOS (Lumia 1020/Nokia 909) shows more colors in new leaked renders, gets specs detailed

This Thursday, Nokia is set to unveil the device we’ve so far known by quite a few names – be it EOS (the rumored codename), Elvis (the codename for the AT&T version), Lumia 1020 or Nokia 909 (these two competing for the final branding). The wait will then finally be over. And it looks like not only has the Finnish company brought the PureView camera tech (and the insane 41 MP sensor) from the 808 PureView to the Windows Phone world, but they’ve improved it too.

What you can see below is the Nokia Lumia 1020 that will be announced in just a couple of days. According to this round of leaked details, it will be called Lumia 1020 after all. Apparently, Nokia 909 was an “early name” for it, but that’s all. There was some confusion about this recently.


The Lumia 1020 will be available in yellow, white, and black, as you can see above. These renders show the international version of the phone, and not the one for AT&T (hence the missing carrier logo).

The big news is that the Lumia 1020 is going to come with optical image stabilization (OIS) for the camera. This tech has been featured previously in Nokia’s Lumia 920, 925, and 928, but did not make it into the Symbian-based 808 PureView that first brought this 41 MP sensor to market. This is a big plus for the upcoming Lumia, since it ensures that blurry photos in low light will be a thing of the past (which will also be helped by the Xenon flash).

The Nokia Lumia 1020 will have 2 GB of RAM, double the amount in currently selling Windows Phones, which it will presumably need to process the huge images it will be able to take. Storage-wise, we’re looking at 32 GB built-in, and unfortunately non-expandable. That will be a huge downside for those who’d like to use the 1020 for video recording, surely. Why a ‘camera phone’ doesn’t get expandable storage is a mystery at this point.

Now on to some rumored camera features. Apparently the device will be able to take a 32 MP and a 5 MP 16:9 picture at the same time, the latter by turning 7 ‘normal’ pixels into one ‘super pixel’ (precisely like what we’ve already seen in the 808). Also, the biggest resolution images will be 38 MP, in 4:3. Nokia’s Pro Camera app will let you fiddle with important settings on the fly, changing ISO, white balance, manual focus, shutter speed, and flash settings as you need to.

Finally, the new smartphone will come with FM radio support and ‘flip to silence’ thanks to the Windows Phone 8 Amber update.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is expected to arrive at AT&T by the end of July. Microsoft stores will receive first stock on July 22, and the off-contract price is $602. Obviously, getting it with a two-year service agreement will probably take that all the way down to $199.99, if not even lower. Although it’s been rumored to be an AT&T exclusive, that won’t last for long since it is soon going to land in other countries too.

Via Windows Phone Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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