5″ BlackBerry A10 launching this year. BlackBerry 9720 with OS 7 gets compared to Bold 9900 in pictures

So far, this hasn’t been a great year for BlackBerry. The Canadian company formerly known as RIM has launched the Z10 and Q10, but only the former has been on sale for a few months. And it hasn’t managed to be the hit that the company needed, perhaps in part due to its uninspiring looks and specs. The Q10 is bound to appeal to those enamored with the ‘classic’ BlackBerry smartphone of yesteryear, but it hasn’t helped the company rebound either.

So maybe the next device will. BlackBerry is going to answer the question “what comes after Z?” with a rather obvious “nothing; you just skip right back to A”. That’s because its next flagship all-touch smartphone is reportedly going to be called the BlackBerry A10.

This will come with a 5-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, much larger than the one in the Z10. It should also have a more refined fit and finish (translation:it should look better) compared to its predecessor. A dual-core processor will be employed, because BlackBerry won’t be making the jump to quad-core. It’s unclear if this is due to concerns about battery life or lack of software optimization. The A10 will sport 2 GB of RAM, and it should look similar to a Samsung Galaxy S4 (but will actually be a bit bigger for whatever reason).

The main focus of the device will be gaming, believe it or not. Other specs haven’t been leaked yet, but it’s still early. The BlackBerry A10 will only be in stores “sometime late this fall”, which could even mean November. By then, we’ll surely have a complete picture of what this device is and what it wants to be.

blackberry-9720-1 blackberry-9720-91

Also in BlackBerry land, a new low-end handset got leaked too. We’re talking about the 9720, which is supposed to be the successor to the 9320. That means it should be rather cheap, possibly retailing for around $350 without a contract.

You can see it in the images above compared to a BlackBerry Bold 9900. The BlackBerry 9720 and the BlackBerry A10 are said to be the only two devices coming out of the Canadian company for the remainder of this year. You be the judge of whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.



Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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