Microsoft Surface RT price cut down to $349 starting on July 14

The Microsoft Surface RT isn’t selling very well. That much has been clear for many months now. In fact, not long after launch Microsoft had to cut its Surface RT orders because it was selling at a much slower rate than anticipated. And there’s no reason to think that has changed. After all, moving around 1.1 million units in almost five months is nothing to write home about, not in this booming industry.

So what does Microsoft do then? Cut the price, naturally. This is obviously the right move here, but it comes incredibly late, at a time when the Surface RT has been on the market for more than eight months. Hey, better late than never, right? Well… we’ll see. This is a price cut, undoubtedly, and a good one, but it’s not the extreme sale that HP employed with its TouchPad, for example (and which was very successful).


Starting on July 14 (so in just a couple of days), you’ll be able to pick up the 32 GB Surface RT from Staples for just $349. That’s really not a bad price for a 10-inch tablet, but you’ll have to live with Microsoft’s Windows 8-like, but not actually Windows 8 software – called Windows RT. And the apps for it (or lack thereof).

Still, that’s just $20 more than the base 16 GB iPad Mini, and you get two more inches of screen real estate. So if that’s more important to you than app selection, then be sure to stop by a Staples in a few days.

The 64 GB Surface RT will retail for $449. The 32 GB model with included Touch Cover will go for $449 too, while the 64 GB Surface RT with Touch Cover will be sold for $549.

Obviously, this might be a move from Microsoft to ensure that it clears its stock of Surface RT tablets to make way for the oft-rumored second generation of the product.

Via The Verge and Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • john4carter

    Even if Microsoft cuts the price, it’s not going to sell that much. Too may developers/companies are too scared to put some serious time into this. Somehow Microsoft will cut it’s loses or drastically change path, leaving companies that developed for this device in a lurch. Somewhat of a self full-filling prophecy.