Upcoming 5″ BlackBerry A10 smiles for the camera in first leaked picture

The A10 will be BlackBerry’s next flagship product, an all-touch follow-up to the Z10 that was launched at the end of January. The BlackBerry A10 is rumored to come with a 5-inch touchscreen, the biggest ever put inside a handset from the Canadian company formerly known as RIM.

We first heard about the BlackBerry A10 a couple of days ago, and now there’s already a leaked image showing it circulating across the Internet. So if you were wondering what the next all-touch BlackBerry will look like, wonder no more. Just take a peek here:


Fortunately, the picture comes with some specs attached. Apparently, the A10 will sport a 5″ 720p HD Super AMOLED touchscreen (so no 1080p Full HD here), and a dual-core processor with separate graphics processor (don’t all phones have this?).

The design is familiar yet different from what we can see in the Z10, with the A10 having much more rounded corners. For some reason though, this too has absolutely huge bezels for this day and age – perhaps BlackBerry is still sourcing the cheapest screens it can find. That’s a shame, since the A10 will definitely not be positioned well in the ‘specsheet war’ against any high-end Android launching in the fourth quarter of this year.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • PKipnis

    Perhaps the large bezel hides stereo speakers????? The HTC one has them top and bottom, perhaps these will be left/right? Also 720P is OK for such a small screen if it keeps the price low. Today Big Blue Box dropped the current model to $49,95, same as the telco’s.