Windows Phone Blue comes in 2014 with notification center, better multitasking, and new built-in apps

Microsoft has published the changelog for the most recent update to Windows Phone 8, codenamed GDR2. This features minor additions and improvements, as will the next update that will come later this year, and which is known as GDR3.

Only in 2014, with Windows Phone Blue, can we expect important new features to show up in Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Windows Phone Blue will be the next version of the OS, and it will probably end up being called Windows Phone 8.1 (since its desktop counterpart is Windows 8.1, and it too was codenamed Blue before it got official).


In Windows Phone GDR2, the update that’s due out shortly, there’s support for FM radios, fixes to Xbox Music, HTML5 enhanced in Internet Explorer, improved Skype and Lync stability, and the Data Sense app will be made available for all phones and all networks (it’s basically a data usage tracking tool). Obviously unnamed bug fixes should be in too.

The future GDR3 update will finally bring support for 1080p Full HD screens and quad-core processors to the Windows Phone world. This will ensure that we’ll see 5″ and 6″ phablets running Windows Phone before the end of the year.

Sometime in 2014, the Blue update will hit the streets. This will come with a notification center, improved multitasking, and some redone built-in apps. Some of Blue’s features may be ported back to GDR3, but it’s unclear which. Also, Microsoft is currently evaluating doing this, so in the end it may not – keep that in mind.

It definitely looks like 2013 will not be a year that will bring any major new features to this platform, and Microsoft continues to move at snail’s pace in terms of software development compared to its competitors. Yes, quad-core CPUs and 1080p screens are finally coming to WP – but around or more than one year later than to Android.

Via The Verge

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • RM

    So, WP7 came out about 2 to 3 years after iPhone and now they are only about 1 year behind with getting the same capabilities. That is an improvement. Next year with Blue it think they will have caught up completely with everything except the total apps available. That will drive the app count to go up even faster than it has. BTW WP is still adding apps faster than Android or iPhone did.