UK: Nokia Lumia 920 just £329.99 for a week

Nokia’s just announced the Lumia 1020, its next flagship smartphone, and probably one of the best cameraphones of all time. Now that that’s happened, it’s obvious that interest for the Lumia 920, the company’s similarly looking, similar on the inside, yet void of that 41 MP camera sensor flagship from yesteryear would be at an all time low. To counter this ‘Lumia 1020′ effect, one retailer in the UK has decided to hold a flash sale for the Lumia 920, chipping a cool £100 off of its SIM-free price.

As such, you can now get a Nokia Lumia 920 from Expansys for just £329.99, sans long-term contract – the device comes unlocked. The offer does have an expiration date, though. You have to act by July 22, which is next Monday.

Nokia Lumia 920 UK cheaper

Four colors are up for grabs in this promo. You can have the Lumia 920 in red, yellow, black, or white – they’re all being sold for the same low(-ish) price.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is still a very decent offering in the Windows Phone world, so if you don’t mind Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, perhaps you should grab one.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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