The next Nexus 7 gets leaked pricing info, may be announced on July 24 at Google event

Probably the most anticipated tablet of this summer is the next iteration of Google’s Nexus 7. Purported details about this device have been leaked numerous times so far, but we didn’t have a price or an announcement date to speak of until now.

Well, sort of. The 16 GB new model is apparently going to cost $229, according to what is supposedly a screengrab of inventory software from an unnamed retailer. The 32 GB unit will go for $269.


Unfortunately there’s no additional info on this list, as you can see – just the ‘quad core’ mention which is useless since the first generation Nexus 7 used a quad-core chipset too. Anyway, it isn’t surprising that the second generation tablet will be affordable too, but this is all unconfirmed and from an anonymous source – so keep that salt near you.


Google is holding an event on July 24, a ‘breakfast with Sundar Pichai’. He’s the VP in charge of both Chrome and Android, so perhaps this is the date on which we’ll finally see Android 4.3 become official alongside the new Nexus 7. Keep in mind though that this is just speculation on our part, since Google hasn’t given up anything about the content of that particular event. But it certainly feels that it’s about time this tablet got unveiled. And the minor Android upgrade that’s been leaking for months now. As ever, we’ll keep you posted.

Via Android Central here and here

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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