LG sets 10 million units sales goal for its G2 flagship

LG has very high hopes for its upcoming G2 flagship, and they are not afraid to communicate them internally.

According to ETNews, the management set a 10 million unit sales goal for LG G2, which is double of what any previous LG smartphone was able to achieve. (Previously the highest selling LG smartphones were the low-end Optimus L Series, with 5 million units sold worldwide).

LG badly missed the industry switch to Android back in 2010. It took them 2 years of trying before they were able to get back on track. In 2012 LG was finally able to stop the decline and rebuild its reputation as the major mobile device powerhouse, with smartphones like Optimus G, Optimus G Pro and Nexus 4. But, compared to its archrival Samsung,  LG’s smartphone unit volumes remain ridiculously low – about 10 million per quarter, compared to Sammy’s 70+ million.

LG G2 Logo

One of the reasons for this slowish growth, is that LG is inexplicably slow in ramping up production and shipment of its top of the line devices, despite strong demand.  A good example of this sluggishness is Optimus G Pro phablet. It is a great alternative to a popular Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which was announced back in February. LG Optimus G Pro started shipping in Korea in April and in the U.S in May. And quickly ramped 1 million in unit sales in its home market. But despite the great demand, the new phablet  was not available anywhere else until now, when LG finally got to Optimus G Pro worldwide roll-out, promising it to 40 countries soon.

So now, LG’s phablet which was a strong competitor to Galaxy Note 2, will arrive to most markets right about the time Samsung will announce Galaxy Note 3, killing any competitive advantages Optimus G Pro had before. What a missed opportunity for LG.

Well, I hope LG learned the lesson, and figured out volume production issues for G2. So when it is announced on August 7th and starts shipping, it will not be limited just to South Korea and U.S. for months. LG has been in mobile handset business for years. They have the sales force, carrier relations and production capacity that’s at least a match to HTC. So I don’t see any reason why LG’s flagship roll-out can’t match what HTC did with One.

And if they can do that, 10 million G2 units sold in a few months, sounds like quite a modest target for LG.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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