Moto X will be announced on August 1

OK, it’s finally over. The endless speculation game about when Motorola would finally unveil the Moto X has concluded. That’s because the now Google-owned company has finally decided to come clean, and let everybody know that August 1 is the big date. So go, write that down somewhere.

This also clears up a misconception – namely that Google’s July 24 event may have anything to do with the Moto X. It may be owned by Google, but Motorola is a separate company, and Google has been trying very hard to show the other Android device makers that there’s a ‘Chinese wall’ between the Android division and Motorola. How believable would that have been if Google’s VP in charge of Android were to announce a new Motorola handset?! Exactly.

Moto X announcement date

So August 1 it is – one week from next Thursday. Oh, it’s not July 23 either – that’s when Verizon will unveil its new lineup of Droid-branded Motorola smartphones, neither of which are the X.

So now we can all stop speculating on these dates, and start speculating on everything else there is to know about all of these awesome upcoming smartphones. It was about time, really.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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