Lenovo’s next flagship pictured, has Snapdragon 800 inside

This is the Lenovo K6. Or X910. Or K910. It looks like the Chinese company hasn’t yet decided what to call its next flagship Android smartphone, but regardless – this is it.

It’s probably going to be sold alongside the recently launched K900, the first 1080p Intel-powered smartphone, although it could very well be its successor. The next flagship device from Lenovo comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, just like every other upcoming high-end superphone. And that’s good, since Lenovo sure doesn’t want to be the odd man out in this game.

Lenovo S800-1 Lenovo S800-2

Aside from the processor inside, what’s known about the K6 (or whatever else it will end up being called) is that it sports a Full HD 1080p touchscreen, which looks like it’s in the 5-inch range. Oh, and the handset will have dual-SIM support, a market requirement in China.

Speaking of that – it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see this outside of China, and maybe a few other parts of Asia. Lenovo seems pretty happy with the way things are in terms of its mobile device distribution, so if you’re a fan of the company’s other products you unfortunately won’t be able to complete your set with a Lenovo-made smartphone anytime soon (unless you’re in China or India, of course).

Via Lenovo forum Via Leiphone

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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