BlackBerry 9720 smiles in leaked press renders

Oh look, what do we have here? Renders of an unannounced BlackBerry handset, of course. This in fact is apparently none other than the BlackBerry 9720.

Unfortunately though, this won’t be running BlackBerry OS 10, the Canadian company’s new mobile operating system that came to the market early this year after many, many months of anticipation. No, the 9720 will get BlackBerry OS 7.x, the ‘old’ version – the one that BlackBerry gave up on completely before creating something entirely new for v10. In other words, the BlackBerry 9720 is rather puzzling.

BlackBerry 9720

Or it would be, if you didn’t consider this: maybe BlackBerry OS 10 is not optimized for running adequately on low-end hardware. Which means it can’t power cheap devices. Which means BlackBerry OS 7 has to be kept around for a little while longer.

In fact, the 9720 is expected to be headed primarily to developing markets, where it will probably sell well. But seriously, when will BlackBerry take OS 10 to the lower-midrange tier? And why is it taking so long? Or wait – is this a conspiracy of sorts? Is OS 10 actually capable of running on lower-end specs, and the company is withholding it from that market on purpose?

These sure are interesting questions. Ones that we’ve been made to ask by BlackBerry itself. We’ve previously heard that it’s planning only two more devices for this year, the 9720 and the 5-inch A10. That’s it. OS 10 is clearly failing to make any dent into the high-end of the market, so what does BlackBerry do? Release a lower-midrange offering. This makes sense. Releasing it with an OS that’s so old we can’t really remember when it came out – that makes little sense. But a few million of these are bound to be bought by unsuspecting folk that for some reason love the BlackBerry brand and will therefore ignore the fact that they’re being denied access to technology that’s not at least a couple of years old.

Via @evleaks

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • bibleverse1

    Not using bb10? What kind of sense does that make.