Samsung has 5.5”, 5.7” and 6” Galaxy Note 3 in testing. Can Note 3 Mini and Active be in the works?

Samsung Galaxy Note III, right now, is probably the second most rumored device after the low cost iPhone.

The rumors started way back in early 2013, and will continue unabated until the device is launched in early September. The most interesting thing about the bits of info we are getting about Galaxy Note 3, is how contradictory they are. The new Samsung phablet will have 5.99 or 6” screen. Nope, the size is 5.7”. It will come with flexible display. No it will not. Hmm, Samsung is still undecided about that. Note III will have Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. Or Exynos Octa CPU. 13 megapixel camera, 8 megapixel camera… And so on.

Funny thing. According to Indian logistics website Zauba, which hosts import/export database for the country, all, or at least many of those rumors might be true. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 internal model number is N900, and if you search Zauba for it, you’ll find 8 different phablet models that Sammy sent to India for R&D or Testing&Evaluation purposes. In 3 different screen sizes – 5.5”, 5.7” and 6”.

Sasmung Galaxy Note 3 3 screen sizes

Which makes sense, knowing Samsung’s “throw spaghetti at the wall, see what sticks” approach to smartphone biz.

Samsung has already expanded its top of the line Galaxy Sx brand from one original Galaxy S flagship for the whole year, to 4 Galaxy S4 devices today (S4, S4 Active, S4 Mini and S4 Zoom). Some them running on Qualcomm, some on Exynos CPUs.

Galaxy Note, so far, was only one device a year. But with high end smartphone sales slowing down, the Note brand expansion might be a good way to increase sales and fend off some competition. Of course, you shouldn’t expect 8 different phablet models. Some of those N900x devices are most likely just a different carrier versions of the same smartphone. And some  of them, even one whole screen size, e.g. 6”, might be discarded outright if the tester feedback is not good.

But a cheaper Galaxy Note 3 Mini with smaller 5.5” display  and 8 megapixel camera? Why not? And what about Galaxy Note 3 Active, with flexible unbreakable screen, few months down the road, when Samsung finally irons out display production issues? Sounds plausible to me.

Samsung already used multi-screen size approach with Galaxy Mega phablets. But Mega name is nowhere near as good as Note. After S4 brand expansion, going multi-screen/multi-device on Note 3 is the next logical step for Samsung.

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Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • desperado

    “But a cheaper Galaxy Note 3 Mini with smaller 5.5” display and 8 megapixel camera?”

    Yes, it’s called Note II.

  • lhtbinh1909

    No as long it’ll ship in Note 3 design