Sony Xperia i1 Honami photographed again, gets compared to the Xperia Z

If you’re already tired with the Sony Honami, tough luck. The thing isn’t official yet, and it won’t be until early September, so you can look forward to yet another month filled with Honami leaks. That’s the way things are in the mobile world right now.

Today is no different. What we can show you now are a couple of comparison shots depicting the Honami on the right, compared to the Xperia Z (Sony’s current flagship smartphone and for all intents and purposes, the Honami’s predecessor), which is on the left in the images below.

Honami-vs-z Honami-vs-Z2

Alongside the pictures we also get some new details about the Honami’s camera. Remember, this is supposedly going to be a 20 MP unit, and we’ve never seen that specific number before in a smartphone (and aside from Nokia, no company’s gone above that yet).

New features include Timeshift burst mode, Picture effect (which adds a bunch of filters), and AR effect (which adds a superimposed ‘virtual reality’ scene onto your viewfinder). There are apparently other new things too. A Social Live feature lets you broadcast live video to Facebook, Info-Eye allows you to find out more info about your surroundings using the camera, and there’s also going to be a Sweep Panorama mode which does exactly what you think it does.

So nothing extremely revolutionary, but these software gimmicks (nay, features!) are meant to show that the Honami will have a big focus on imaging. That said, Sony’s been touting its smartphones as having great cameras since forever, so who’s going to believe them now?

Via Gadget Helpline

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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