T-Mobile offers all devices for $0 upfront starting tomorrow

T-Mobile is going to start an “unprecedented deal” tomorrow – all devices for $0 down. This effectively means you’ll be able to get any smartphone, featurephone, tablet, or mobile hotspot for no money upfront. However, you will still have to pay monthly installments for each device you choose.

For a few months, T-Mobile has employed this model of charging you a sum upfront, and then 24 equal monthly payments after that. It helps to separate the device payments from your actual plan, and this has probably helped the magenta carrier gain some customers recently.


This new deal foregoes the down payment, but in some cases the monthly payments have gone up a bit too. The Samsung Galaxy S4, for example, can be had right now for $149.99 down and then 24 monthly payments of $20. From tomorrow, you’ll pay nothing upfront, but then 24 times $25. The total is $629.99 now, and it will be $600 when the deal goes into effect. So, in this case, we do have a price drop, but the savings aren’t $149.99 as they seem to be at first – they’re just $29.99. Granted, that’s over two years, and getting an S4 from any other carrier means you’ll have to pay $199.99 when you buy it – so in this case you’re left with that money to spend on something else.

In the iPhone 5’s case, the overall sums you’ll pay are the same, but once again you might be enticed by the prospect of walking out of a T-Mobile store with a brand new handset without paying anything for it then and there.

On the other hand, the Nokia Lumia 925 did get an actual price reduction. Its monthly payments haven’t changed, yet it’s going from $49.99 upfront to $0.

Via T-Mobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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