Blue HTC One headed to Verizon

HTC is working on a blue version of the One, and Verizon will sell it. The blue One first surfaced as a rumor at the end of May.

And now someone who has seen the blue HTC One added to an inventory listing over at Big Red came forward and made this information public. The additional SKU added to the database is HTC6500LVWBLU, and its description is “HTC One in Blue”. Nothing can be more clear than that really.


Mockup via Pocket-lint (this is NOT an actual picture of the blue HTC One)

Interestingly, Verizon will be offering the blue One, but not the red One (which has been grabbed by Sprint it appears). Obviously red would have made more sense for the carrier that absolutely adores that color, but such is life – strange sometimes.

As for when you should expect to purchase a blue HTC One from Verizon, things are completely up in the air. Yesterday we heard that the superphone would finally become available at this particular carrier on August 15, after it was initially said to arrive today (which didn’t happen). However, the source of today’s info can’t confirm this date. Yet this person did say it will happen this month. Let’s hope so, for it definitely doesn’t look like Verizon cares about this launch too much, what with it being the last big US carrier to make it happen – and still not officially announcing when it will be.

Via Phone Arena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • bibleverse1

    Verizon is too busy waiting for iphone 5s and droid to worry about the HTC One.