iPad 5 casing leaks showing new dimensions. iPad Mini 2 may have Retina Display this year after all

Apple’s upcoming full-size iPad (let’s call it iPad 5, although Apple may not) has long been rumored to sport a redesign compared to its predecessors. We’ve been hearing that it will look a lot like the iPad Mini, with a pair of narrow bezels (the long ones), and a pair of ‘normal-size’ bezels (the shorter ones). And now all of these allegations have been apparently confirmed. That is because what you can see below is the back casing for the iPad 5, according to Fanatic Fone.

The pictures themselves don’t tell the whole story though. The tablet’s dimensions have been leaked alongside them. The iPad 5 will measure 24×16.8 cm. That makes it almost as tall as the iPad 4 (which stands at 24.1 cm), but a lot narrower. The iPad 4 is 18.5 cm wide. The 1.7 cm difference will surely be felt, both in terms of handling the new device, but also when it comes to how it will look.

iPad 5 casing 1

iPad 5 casing 2

iPad 5 casing 3

Also new is the fact that the volume keys are now two separate buttons, and there are stereo speakers on either side of the Lightning port, just like in the case of the iPad Mini. Finally, the Apple logo is now silver, not black.

Obviously though, this could all be a well orchestrated hoax. These have happened before in the Apple leak world, so keep that in mind while you digest this information.

Yesterday we told you that Apple is testing some Retina-less next-gen iPad Mini models. This could indicate that this year’s iPad Mini refresh will stick with the 1,024×768 resolution currently employed by the company’s smaller tablet. Past rumors have been contradictory, though. Some have said that issues with production of the 7.9-inch 2,048×1,536 display panel for a Retina iPad Mini have pushed the release of that model into 2014, while an otherwise enhanced version could come this year. On the other hand, some other sources here and there have been saying that the iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display is on track for launch in 2013.

Which is it going to be, then? Well, we can’t be sure just yet. But today the WSJ chipped in, and it does look like the next iPad Mini will have a Retina Display in fact, and will arrive this year.

Of course this comes from anonymous sources, and the key word here is “likely”. Apple’s next small tablet is “likely” to feature a high-res screen from Samsung. Apple is also apparently looking into making the next iPad Mini as colorful as possible, something that would echo the situation that’s been oft described for the iPhone 5C.

The displays for the new iPad Mini will be made by LG and Sharp, aside from Samsung. Initially, Apple wanted nothing to do with Samsung, but it had to add the Korean competitor as a supplier to ensure that it won’t have problems sourcing enough panels. This continues the funny story that’s been going on for a couple of years now, in which Apple is trying to fully get rid of Samsung as a supplier of various parts for its mobile wares, but is failing. Apple’s dependence on Samsung is lower now than it was two years ago, but the Cupertino company would still face problems if it gave up on Samsung completely. All this while the two companies are engaged in many lawsuits across the world on patent issues. Yes, things are definitely complicated here.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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