Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini gets pictured in blue, red, and brown

Samsung likes to release its S-series and Note-series smartphones in a couple of hues at first, and then over the coming weeks and months slowly introduce new colors to the world – thus trying to keep interest up for its devices. And it turns out that things will be no different in the case of the Galaxy S4 Mini.

This handset was initially announced to come only in white or black, but about a week ago we first heard that three new colors were in the works: red, blue, and brown. We even showed you a mockup render of what the blue one might look like. And today you can see what it will actually look like, thanks to leaked supposedly official renders that have surfaced. But the blue version isn’t the only one starring in the images – no, it’s joined by both the red S4 Mini as well as the brown model.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini blue 1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini brown 1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini brown 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini red 1

As is usually the case in the smartphone world, Samsung has given each of these colors a flashy name (just calling them ‘red’, ‘blue’, or ‘brown’ wouldn’t have been enough, apparently). So, ladies and gentlemen, what you can see above is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in Scarlet Dawn, Bronze Autumn, and Blue Iceberg.

Obviously the inside of these will be identical to the already announced white and black SKUs. This is the same midranger that should bring the S4 brand to the masses, though priced a bit high for it to actually achieve that.

According to a past leak, we should see these new colors on the market in the week that starts on August 26.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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