Is this the back of the Samsung Galaxy Note III?

On September 4, Samsung is holding an event in Berlin pre-IFA. It’s then when everyone is expecting the Galaxy Note III to become official, keeping with the Korean company’s traditional early September announcement for its Note phablets.

Over the past few months, there have been many leaks about this device, and we even got a few purported images. Some of those, though, featured a design so devoid of curves and so filled with right angles that it screamed more Sony than Samsung – and led many to assume that they were just cases in which the actual handset was concealed (Samsung’s used this tactic before).

But what if? What if the next Galaxy Note will in fact come with an entirely new design language compared to the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S III (which all share common traits)?


In the picture above you can see the back of a handset, without the back cover – battery exposed and all. This is said to be the Galaxy Note III by way of Italian website WebTrek.

Obviously there’s no way to know whether or not this is real, or whether it actually depicts the Note III and not some other upcoming Samsung phone, or even just a prototype. But take a look at those corners! Once again, this seems to have been designed by Sony and not Samsung – yet the battery lets us know that we aren’t dreaming and it is in fact a Samsung product.

Speaking of the battery, unfortunately the photo’s quality is so low that we can’t make out what the capacity is. Still we’re hoping that Samsung went past the 3,100 mAh seen in the currently-selling Galaxy Note II. The next Note’s screen will be both larger and higher-res than its predecessor’s, so the battery should have received an upgrade too.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • DieElop

    Protective shell conceals the true shape, it’s not an Xperia you fools. It’s a case to conceal the final look of the phone, as what car manufacturers do for their up and coming new models before their big unveil.