Blue HTC One stars in leaked press renders

The HTC One launched in silver and black. Not long after that, rumors and leaks started appearing about a red version of the smartphone. Strangely, HTC initially denied those, only to go and make the red One official a while later.

The latest rumored new color for HTC’s current flagship smartphone is blue. We first told you about it in May. Then last week we heard that Verizon may get an exclusive on this particular hue in the United States (which still seems odd, as we would have expected the carrier nicknamed Big Red to go for, you know, the red One as an exclusive – but alas that seems to have been grabbed by Sprint).

All this time though we’ve been operating without any leaked images depicting the blue HTC One. Well, that’s changed today. Here it is then, for your viewing pleasure:

HTC One blue

The image (courtesy of @evleaks) unfortunately comes with no details attached. So we still can’t tell you when it will be available in stores, but that really shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks at this point, since the leaks are now in full throttle. Stay tuned.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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