LG G2 gets compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 in new leaked images

Today is the big day – when LG will finally make the G2 official after weeks upon weeks of teasing us. LG’s next flagship smartphone has been leaking like crazy recently, and thanks to that and LG’s own promo campaign we already know pretty much everything there is to know about it (looks and specs included).

Just hours ago official-looking press renders of the G2 leaked. And now we get a couple of live images comparing the LG G2 to the Samsung Galaxy S4, which will undoubtedly be its main competitor, both in South Korea and elsewhere.

LG G2 compared to S4 LG G2 compared to S4-1

After looking at these pictures, we can only feel that LG still hasn’t gotten over its recurring impulses to emulate (let’s not say ‘copy’, shall we?) its South Korean rival when it comes to smartphones. This time, they’ve done it in the looks department. Those two handsets certainly look like they could have come from the same company, don’t they?

Sure, the G2 impresses with its incredibly thin bezels, but it still manages to be bigger than the Galaxy S4 overall thanks to the marginally larger touchscreen (5.2″ compared to 5″). And the back of the G2 features the interestingly relocated buttons (volume and power/lock) as we expected. But generally speaking, the front of the handset looks impossibly similar to Samsung’s own current flagship. Who knows, maybe that will help LG sell 10 million of these, like it intends to.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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