LG G2 gets benchmarked, will be launched by Three in the UK

The LG G2 was officially unveiled mere hours ago, and so far we’ve already heard that all the big four carriers in the US will sell it eventually. T-Mobile and Sprint have already confirmed their intentions, with the other two soon to follow undoubtedly.

In the UK, however, it’s Three that’s been the first operator to officially say something about LG’s newest creation. And it’s good news if you’re in the UK and your network of choice is in fact Three. The LG G2 is bound to be available at Three “soon”.

Unfortunately though for now we get nothing more specific than that, not a release date or price, not even a launch month. But rest assured that we will bring you this information as soon as we obtain it.

Also in G2 news, now that it’s official and all some enterprising souls decided to benchmark its performance. In Quadrant, it scored almost 20,000 points. In AnTuTu it came at around 29,000 points. These are both highly respectable results, and they’re almost record-breaking. Clearly though they’re great for a smartphone running a stock manufacturer ROM. Sure, the Nvidia Shield and its Tegra 4 chipset scored more in AnTuTu at around 39,000 points, but that benchmark relies heavily on the GPU, and that particular device is all about gaming so this makes sense somewhat.

LG G2 benchmark

Obviously though you shouldn’t take benchmark results to be the definitive measures of a handset’s performance. In real world conditions, things can be a lot different, which is why doing a hands-on trial of a smartphone, using it for common tasks, is a much better indicator of how fit it is for your usage. Keep that in mind.

Via Android Central and Android Community

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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