LG G2 priced in Europe, starts at €599

The LG G2 became official yesterday after many weeks of both teases and leaks. The Korean company promises that you’ll see the handset in the stores of 130 carriers worldwide within eight weeks. And while exact release dates are yet to be outed for any place on Earth, we now at least get an idea of how much this superphone is going to cost. Obvious hint: it won’t be cheap. At all.

The German online retailer Notebooksbilliger has started taking pre-orders for the LG G2. Unfortunately there’s no shipping date attached, but the device is priced.

LG G2 pre-orders Germany

You’ll need to part with no less than €599 if you want to get the 16 GB version, and €629 if you want 32 GB of built-in storage. The G2 is available in both white and black, as you’d expect. It’s also SIM-free and unlocked, so you can use it with any network you please. If you’re in Germany and want to be among the first people in the country to get the G2, you may want to go to Notebooksbilliger and pre-order yours now.

If you’re elsewhere in the EU, you should probably expect to see similar pricing for the LG G2 sans contract. In the UK it could end up being a bit more expensive, or a bit cheaper – we’ve seen things like this go both ways.

Affordable, the LG G2 is certainly not. LG clearly thinks that all the features it crammed into the G2 are worth such a price premium, but in the end consumers like you and me will have the final say. LG wants to sell 10 million of these. Will it? We’ll see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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