Asus PadFone Mini, MeMOFone HD 5, and MeMO Pad HD 8 revealed by leaked strategy slides

This day just seems to be filled with Asus-related news. After we found out the UK release dates for three of the company’s newest tablets, now we get a glimpse at what the Taiwanese mobile device maker has coming soon. In a few words: more and more devices.

The following slides have been leaked by VR-Zone, and they come from an Asus presentation that happened earlier today in France. The company discussed its strategy for the coming months, and let slip a couple of yet unheard of device names.

Asus roadmap 1 Asus roadmap 2

Take for example the Asus PadFone Mini. This should complement the PadFone Infinity in the company’s portfolio. But what is it? Well, the name strongly hints at a smaller PadFone. But will this mean a smaller handset, or a smaller tablet dock – or both? We’ll have to wait and see.

Next up, we have the Asus MeMO Pad HD 8. This will quite clearly be an 8-inch version of the company’s new MeMO Pad HD line, which so far is comprised out of the HD 7 and the FHD 10. Specs, though, are unknown at this point.

You’ve probably spotted the MeMOFone HD 5 in the images above already. This is going to be a 5-inch HD smartphone, that’s for sure. Once again, no other details have been leaked, but we can make some assumptions. This uses the MeMO brand, which so far Asus only applied to extremely affordable tablets. So we’re thinking this will be a cheap(er) 5-inch smartphone. The name tells us it will have an HD screen, but we’re betting it’s going to be a 720p HD unit, and not a 1080p panel – in order to make the MeMOFone HD 5 more affordable than Asus’ other smartphones.

Asus may also be getting ready to release a couple of new Transformer Pad tablets. Or it will just rename some already launched ones, it’s unclear. The thing is, the company hasn’t yet talked about either the Transformer Pad FHD or the Transformer Pad HD. Are these the Infinity and the 300 series, respectively – just rebranded? Possibly. Or maybe they are new tablets still to come.

The interesting thing to note though is that just like that, Asus is getting ready to have a full line of Android-powered smartphones up for sale. Now if you want to learn about release time frames, prices, or even just full specs, you’ll have to visit us at another time, since for now what you’ve just read is all that’s out there about them and Asus’ (possible) new tablets.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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