Asus to make this year’s Nexus 10 tablet, not Samsung?

Not long ago, Google refreshed its Nexus 7 tablet. The new model is still made by Asus, the same company that produced the first Nexus 7, which was unveiled last year.

But Google’s got another tablet too. The 10-inch offering, called Nexus 10 (pictured below), is currently being made by Samsung. This tablet was introduced last year alongside the Nexus 4 smartphone by LG.

Since the Nexus 7 got a refresh around one year after the release of the first model, the entire blogosphere has been anxiously waiting for the same thing to happen this fall to the Nexus 10. And a few weeks ago we heard that Samsung would be the company that would make the second generation Nexus 10 too. This info was said to come directly from Sundar Pichai, Google’s VP in charge of Android.

Was that wrong, though? Was Pichai misquoted? See, the plot thickens because today a new report claims something else entirely. Namely, that Asus will be making the next Nexus 10.


Yes, that’s the same company also producing the Nexus 7. And sure, because of the development of both Nexus 7 generations, Google probably has a great relationship with Asus. But it making the new Nexus 10? This is the first time we’ve heard about anything like this.

However, the information comes from and its anonymous sources. We could just ignore this report, but this is the same site that accurately predicted the release of the Google Play edition Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s unclear if it’s the same sources who tipped the fact that Asus will be making the Nexus 10, but still we can’t discard this possibility.

Unfortunately no specs have been mentioned for the next iteration of the Nexus 10, so we’re left guessing on that front. Perhaps a Qualcomm processor is pretty much a given if Asus is involved, since the new Nexus 7 uses a chip from that company too. We’d also hope for the 2,560×1,600 screen resolution to stay, because really – who downgrades hardware from one generation of a device to the next?

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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